Ottoman Spice

With the blend of special spices and herbs, the Ottoman spices, which are identified with DEFLAS SPICES, have become the number 1 choice of consumers for years, not only visually but also with their unique taste.

     The spice mix requires a special mastery, not just a job that fits into percentages

For more than 50 years, 3 generations of spice experience, the best spices are produced from the best blends without giving up the principle of the best way to produce the best way to produce a mixture of 100% natural and best spices without using any additives we are producing and we call the name DEFLAS OTTOMAN BAHARATI ..Bir Serving as “private label” for many companies, our company which exports to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and many European countries, continues to be the constant address of Lezzet Masters for two years with two different special production.