Coriander Grain

Family                         : Umbelliferae

Latin                            : Coriandrum sativum

French                        : Coriandre

English                       : Coriander

German                      : Koriander

Used Parts                  : Seeds

Use for Health        : Coriander protects the cardiac system, fıghts against cancer, decreases the LDL and balances blood sugar. It exterminates bacteriums. Provides protection against Salmonella bacterium which exists in chicken, thus marinating chicken with coriander is essential. Coriander resolves inflammation and halitosis. 

Cuisine                     : Deflas Coriander can be used in; all kind of onion and sausage dishes, stuffeds, venison, delicatessen, tomato, haricot bean, Circassian chicken(in its walnuts sauce), breads, dry biscuits and fruit compotes. (Oil in coriander eases the digestion of bakery foods and seedy vegetables).

Cosmetic                      : Coriander oil is used in perfume, cologne and soap production.

Additional Info           : Also called; Black cummin. In Algeria, equal amounts of black pepper, salt and coriander are mixed and used to preserve the meats for a long time. 

Nutritional Value      : 1 gr Coriander contains;

• 4,3 calori
• 565 mg carbonhydrate
• 122,9 mg protein
• 195,7 mg oil
• 0,8 mg calcium
• 4,4 mg phosphor
• 2,6 meg thiamine
• 2,3 meg riboflavin