Cloves Powder

Family                         : Myrtaceae

Latin                            : Eugenia caryophyilata or Syzigium aromaticum

French                        : Girofle

English                       : Black Cloves Powder

German                     : Gewürznelken

Used Parts                : Dried flower

Use for Health         : The most important known benefit is to be so sharp against toothache and spends in a very short time, for this reason it is used in toothpastes. Cloves is useful against nausea, womiting, cough, flu, sinusitis, stress, fatigue, Clove tea resolves tumescence. Clove oil is useful for skin and resolves acnes.

Cuisine                      : You may use Deflas Clove in boiled meals, steamed sea foods, veal and beef dishes(by adding a few cloves before cooking) grills, particularly in desserts which have different savory(i.e quince-cheese). Also it is delicious if marinated with onion and added in galantines, soups, venison, barndoor fowl meats.
Clove powder; in meatballs, cakes, fruit salads, spicy breads and wine.

Cosmetic                    : In deodorants, soaps, lotions, perfumes, powder, rouge and the sprays those resolve halitosis.

Additional Info         : Also named Dried Clove. Used for strengthening the body and particularly for reducing the menstrual period aches if consumed after mixing a dessert spoon of cloves with 1 boiled egg and 1 spoon of honey.

Nutritional Value     : 1 gr Clove contains;

• 4,12 calori
• 688,2 mg carbonhydrate
• 62,94 mg protein
• 145,29 mg oil
• 1,12 mg calcium
• 1,12 mg phosphor
• 0,695 meg thiamine
• 1,12 mcg thiamine
• 5,3 units vitamin A