Linden Leaf

Latin                          : Tiliaceae

English                      : Linden

French                       : Linden

German                     : Linde

Information           : Linden is the common name of the Tilla tree consisted from 30 kinds of trees or shrubs those defoliate in winter. Including also Turkey, Linden grows in temperate regions of North hemisphere’s where clayey, limy, cool and moist soils are. Rapidly growing trees may reach to 20-25 meters lenght and 1,5 meters width. At the beginning, the barks of the body are straight but as the tree gets old, they dehisce. On the above face, green coloured, heart shaped, flat sided and alternating sequenced leaves have long stems and on the below side have feathers and gray or silver color. Between June and August, yellowish, odorous blooming flowers exist 3-5 together bonded droppy to the leaves’ rachis. Linden tree core is tiny circular dry and has single seed.

Linden flowers and leaves contain tilium, glicosit, tannen, sticky herbal liquid and farmasol containing essential oil. Linden leaves and flowers particularly have been used in Medicine and Linden tree which has a soft, white and homegeneous body is being used for timber and sculpture. Also the barks are for coloring and rope production.

Medical Effects and Usage: In Turkey, the bigger sized leaves linden tree(T.platyphyilos) grows the most , secondly the smaller sized leaves linden tree(T.cordata) does. Here we sort the benefits of flowers and leaves;

• Softens the pectoral ache,
• Reduce stress and depression. Relaxing, soothing and sedative,
• Eliminates the tension before menstruation, reduces the menstrual pain.

In order to provide these benefits; during summertime in a sunny day, newly bloomed Linden blossoms are picked. After putting a few leaves together with blooms let them dry in a shady place(Sun-exposed flowers lose their odour and effects). Brew 1 dessert spoon of  the mixture of flowers and leaves in 1 glass of water for 10 minutes. You may drink this infusion 3 times in a day.

• Linden is diaphoretic,.
• Diuretic,
• Stimulant,.
• a tonic that strenghtens the body.

In order to increase the effects of this infusion rise dose up to 2-3 dessert spoons.