Poppy White

Family                        : Papaveraceae

Latin                           : Semen papaveris

French                       : Pavot (graine)

English                       : Poppy (seed)

German                     : Mohn (korn)

Used Parts                : Mature Seeds

Use for Health     : Poppy is a strong analgesic thus generally used by dentists.It is also good for respiratory system, constipation and cardiac. Contains poor cholesterol. Can be used instead of fish oil that gives vigor.

Cuisine                      : You may use Deflas Poppy Seeds in all kinds of, sandviches, salads, bakeries, cookies, cakes etc. Also it is used in spice mixture “Curry”.

Additional Info     : Seeds do not have any harmful elements. In Turkey there exists 30  “papaver” kinds of poppy seeds. Young fruits of thiese kinds are eaten raw. Overuse may cause dizziness and vomit.  Yet in Anatolia, poppy seed breads, cakes, bakesries and halva are prepared.