Pine Peanut

Family                        : Pinaceae

Latin                            : Pinus strobus

Fransızca                  : Pinon

English                       : Pine Peanut

German                      : Pinon

Used Parts                : Cone, fruit and husk.

Use for Health   : Eaten raw or gorunded and mixed with honey. .Gives vigor and energy, increases breast milk, concupiscence and semen, helps gaining weight, it is cure for nephritis, lung diseases, tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, expectoration, flu, cough and depression.. 

Cuisine                    :  You may use Deflas Pine peanut particularly in Rice, olive oil stuffeds, desserts, cakes and cookies.

Additional Info     : Pine peanut has so many benefits for health, however it should not be eaten so much, but regularly and enough quantity. Overusage causes headache and diarrhea.