Family                        : Umbelliferae

Latin                           : Anethum graveolens

French                       : Aneth

English                      : Dill

German                     : Dill

Used Parts               : Leaf, stem and seed(grounded or not)

Use for Health   : Dill is an antioxidant and getter. Eliminates insomnia, protects bones, strenghtens digestive and immune system. Stops diarrhea and hiccup.

Cuisine                   : You may ues Deflas Dill in famaous Russian Borsch soup, lamb meat, sauerkraut, and coleslawı, rice stuffeds, white cheese, zucchini, butter and rice. Powdered Dill can be used in some cakes, biscuits and cremas. Fresh leaves flavor the salads and meals.

Additional Info    : Also named;  Durakotu, Tarhanaotu, Tereotu, Turakotu, Darakotu. It eliminates halitosis if seed chewed.