Fenugreek Powder

Family                        : Leguminosae

Latin                           : Trigonella foenum-graecum

French                       : Fenugrec

English                       : Fenugreek

German                      : Bockshornsamen

Used Parts                : Seeds(powdered) and fresh Leaves

Use for Health        : Fenugreek moderates the cough and sore throat. It is digestive, expectorant, getter and aphrodisiac. Ground Fenugreek Seeds powdered. Mix the powder with some water to make a mush. Then apply this mush on wounds for external use. 

Cuisine                      : You may use Deflas Fenugreek Powder after parboiled for flavoring Your meals and salads. 

Additional Info       : Also named; Çemenotu, buyotu. Oil in fenugreek is helpful for digestion of sugary foods. In ancient times Fenugreek had been used in Gladiators’ and runners’ foods.