Story Of Spice

In 1514 – the second voyage of Christopher Columbus Dr. Chanca brought seed and fruit of Red Pepper (Capsicum Annum) from American continent to Europe. Red Pepper was widespreadly produced by Hungarians in late 19th century. Recently the best quality Red Pepper is being produced in Turkey. Geyve Region where Tufan Baharat has born and located, cultivates the most aromatic Red Pepper since her warm climate and fertile lands.

Red sweet powder peppers which has got more Vitamine C than an orange, enhances lots of meals such as; soups, spicy flavours, powder mixtures, sauces and meat industry. Addiitionally, Red Pepper is a completely natural and healthy spice with her features of being appetizing, easy digesting, skin scratching, preventing diarrhea and vomiting, strengthening the immune system, sedative and removing the gas of intestine.

Deflas Baharat, has been the leader of Turkish Spice Industry by her meticulousness during all processes; growing up, collecting, drying and grinding. Tufan Baharat, recently preferred by the taste masters all around Balcans, Europe, North America and Middle East cuisines.

We thank to our esteemed business partners those providing to You the best qualified and natural Turkish Spices.