Anise Seeds

Family                        : Umbelliferae

Latin                           : Pimpinella anisum

French                       : Anis

English                      : Anise seed

German                     : Anis

Used Parts               : Mature seeds

Use for Health       : Brew 1 spoon of anise seeds in 1/2 lts. water and drink 2-3 times in a day. Anise seed is gastric getter, digestive, appetizer. 

Cuisine                   : You may use Deflas Anise seed in sauces made with olive oil, mustard and vinegar, green salads steamed and boiled dishes(i.e carrot, potatoes, zucchini), carrot dishes, some cremas, spicy bakeries, cookies, pretzels and biscuits.

Cosmetic               : Used in toothpastes, halitosis sprays and candies, some bath balms and deodorants. Also Anise seed tea is good for washing dark hairs. 

Additional Info     : Also named;  Enison, nanahan, raziyanei-rumi. Overuse may cause lethargy. Pregnants and menstruates must not use.